Dust off your CRM!

Most of us clean out your closet every year or some other type of spring cleaning. We dread it, but we still do it. Why wouldn’t you give the same attention to your CRM? It’s time to break out the digital pruning shears, trash can and buffing cloth and give it a good once-over.

Your CRM Contacts

Thirty percent of your list has a shelf life of three months.

When did you last validate your lists?

Contact Shelf Life
How dirty is your data?

CRM systems make organizations more competitive by improving cumbersome processes, managing the transactions and establishing customer relationships. However, the backbone of any CRM is the amount and quality of records you have at your disposal.


5 Reasons to Invest in a CRM Scrub

  • 50% reduction in sales prospecting time – shortens your sales cycle
  • 65% savings on resources from not pursuing the wrong prospects
  • High employee productivity
  • Generate new leads currently categorized as cold
  • Increased ROI from sales and marketing campaigns
Good Data

There is never a good time to scrub your CRM.

However, if you are in the process of changing CRMs, this is about as good as timing as you will ever get. Don’t carry over bad leads into your new CRM. Contact us today for a quote, and start your spring cleaning now.

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