Phone Surveys – Call In or Dial Out

Do you have more contacts than you know what to do with in your CRM? Do you have hundreds of aged contacts that you need to reach out to to gauge their interest? Are there thousands of people that you would like to ask if they would refer your company to a friend or loved one?  Regardless of the project, we can accomplish it for you.  We can make thousands of calls in a few days – freeing up your staff to do what they do best – taking care of your customers.

Too Many Leads

Can it possibly get any better?

We are glad you asked. Absolutely it gets better! Do you have respondents who are “technically challenged?” What if we could call them and allow them to provide feedback over the phone? Better yet, what if they could call in at their convenience and provide their feedback? Pretty cool, right? Well, we can do that!

Dial Out

Give us a list of numbers to call to take your survey. We can make thousands of calls a day.

Either provide a new phone list, or use one that you previously provided.
You may exclude anyone that you may have called in the last 30 days for a different survey.
You can tell us to call between a certain range of hours, and restrict us to calling only on weekdays vs. any day of the week. Note that we do not allow calls to be made outside of 9am-9pm.
Our system can make thousands of calls a day, so most surveys are complete within days.
If we reach an answering machine or get a busy signal, you can choose whether we should try again later (up to 3 times).

Call In

We give you a phone number (local or toll free) that people can call to take your survey.

You can create an inbound phone survey where people can call in to take your survey. It’s just like the outbound version of the survey, except that they get in touch with you.
Inbound surveys are a great way to collect feedback from groups of people, especially at conferences or in mailings. Tell them to call into the survey, and get results in real-time.
When you create an inbound survey, you get to pick which phone number people can use. We then give you a short code that people enter when dialing in, in order to identify your survey. Want a toll-free number, or a dedicated phone number? No problem, just let us know.
When you’re ready to launch your survey, send us the phone list that you’d like to use. We support all major formats including comma separated (CSV) files, and tab separated files.
If you have demographic data to associate with each phone number, include it in your file. We can use that data later on to show you how answers vary by demographic (e.g. percentage of men vs. women that picked option A).