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Leveling the Playing Field

The idea of using technology in a community is no longer a foreign concept. The challenge has moved from “Should we implement technology?” to “Which technological services should we use?” It seems almost impossible to use technology to gain a competitive edge. The almost infinite choices in technology coupled with the cost of technology, seems like the big players continue to get bigger while the smaller players continue to struggle. Not anymore! We have leveled the playing field, and quite possibly tipped the scales in your favor.

The Challenge

About three years ago, we were offered a challenge by one of the largest providers in the senior living space. We were being asked to develop a tool that would allow prospects to provide feedback on their experience after completing a tour – and to deliver this feedback in real time to the respective community personnel. The result…Digital Comment Cards (DCC).  The results have been staggering.  On average, 23% of the prospects who complete a New Tour Digital Comment Card move into the community!

Going Even Further


After creating the New Tour Digital Comment Card to capture the prospect’s experience after a tour, we thought, “Why stop there?” So we didn’t stop. We did just the opposite. We created a tool that would allow you to collect information on anything and everything! We know cost is always a key factor in the decision making process, so we made this service so cost-effective, you are going to have to think really hard to produce an objection.

Results Worth Sharing

We asked some of our clients to provide us with some feedback on the use of the Digital Comment Cards. We thought a few of these statistics was worth sharing. So, allow us to graciously step up onto our soapbox.

New Tour Digital Comment Card

Increase Closing Ratios

About 23% of the prospects who complete a New Tour DCC end up moving into the community. Identifying the prospect’s experience upon completing a tour is information in which we all strive. But what we discovered might surprise you. The key was in the follow up. By digging into the CRM, we found that the sales counselors were following up with these respondents 3-5 times more than the other prospects.

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Move-Out Digital Comment Card

Increase your ROI

For those clients who use the 30-Day Move-Out DCC, their Return on Investment was astounding. On average, they were able to salvage 1-2 move-outs per quarter. Do you know what that equates to in revenue? With the average cost of Assisted Living at $3,000 per month, and the average stay being three years, you are going to need a scientific calculator to calculate your return on investment.

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General Feedback Digital Comment Card

Lower Turnover = Higher Profits

The General Feedback DCC allows your residents, family members, and employees to provide feedback 24/7/365. It cost 2-3 times a person’s salary to replace an employee. The value of a loyal resident is priceless. So, why limit yourself to collecting feedback only once a year? Use this DCC to compliment your current satisfaction survey program, and watch your profits soar.

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Here are just a few ways our clients are using the Digital Comment Card service

  • New Tour Survey
  • 30-60-90 Day Move-In Survey
  • 30-Day Move-Out Survey
  • Resident/Family Member/Employee Satisfaction Survey
  • Home Health Care Satisfaction Survey
  • General Feedback (24/7/365)
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To see some of our Digital Comment Cards, visit our Examples page.

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