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Question Types for Every Occasion

We have every basic question type from multiple choice to open text, and advanced analysis questions like Likert Scale and Net Promoter Score.

Question Types
Brand Control

Complete Brand & Design Control

Customize logos, images, colors, sizes, layout, URL, and everything else about your project’s look. Bring your brand’s power to your online surveys & forms.

Insightful Reporting & Data Analysis

Real-time updates & notifications, email triggers when a survey is completed, and easy exporting mean you can act on your data quickly and with confidence.  Dashboards for every role allows you to see the big picture or drill down and see the details.

Reporting Dashboard
Survey Distribution

Survey Distribution & Data Collection

Limitless ways to collect data. We make it easy to distribute your online surveys using email invitations, your website, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media.

Real-Time Actions & Triggers

Anything slower than instant feedback gets ignored, so you’ve got to process and react to responses quickly. That’s why we built a set of tools that act instantly on your collected data.

Real Time Data

Real Time Information!

No more waiting! Gather feedback immediately, and report in real time. From little questions to big decisions, we’ll help you get it right. Anyone can point you in the right direction. We’ll help you reach your destination.

Some Other Cool Features

Make decisions faster and smarter with real time results that let you analyze responses the second surveys are completed
Generate real-time, reports with beautiful charts and graphs. View aggregate data or compare questions using a variety of formats like pie charts, tables, bar charts and more.
For any report or export, view specific subsets of your data to uncover valuable insights.
Set up alerts to notify you when respondents have answered questions in a particular way, so you can respond and make use of data immediately.
With URLs, you can easily share your online reports with others.

Additional Benefits

  • Incredibly Low Cost
  • Instant On-Site Feedback
  • Integrated Reporting
  • Demographic Data Collection
  • Ability to Update Reports Instantly
  • Unlimited Surveys per Location
  • Brand Visibility
  • Turn-Key Solution

Implementation Methods

  • Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • Resident Satisfaction Survey
  • Health Care and Patient Survey
  • Employee Satisfaction Survey
  • Meeting & Event Planning Survey
  • Student/Teacher/School Survey
  • General Feedback Survey
  • Net Promoter Score Survey

If you need it, we have it!

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